Ralph Works

Ralph’s Record

Ralph’s record in West Vancouver-Capilano:

My work in the riding of West Vancouver-Capilano has focused on providing the absolutely highest level of service and response to individual constituents’ issues.  Each week, we deal with several hundred contacts, communications and requests for assistance.  Specific endeavours in the constituency include:

  • New mental health & addictions facility for Lions Gate Hospital: the HOpe Centre
  • Funding for Dr. Julio Montaner’s program to eliminate HIV-AIDS
  • Assisting Dr. Max Cynader fund his Brain Health facility at UBC
  • Strong support for new facilities at Lions Gate Hospital: new hospice, rebuilt emergency ward, new imaging facilities
  • Strong advocacy for preservation and expansion of Seniors Care facilities on North Shore
  • Replacing Blue Bridge and overpass at north end of Lions Gate Bridge
  • Improved bike access to Lions Gate Bridge
  • Redesign Pemberton Heights outlet to Hwy 1
  • Capilano University funding, capital budget for advanced Bosa film centre
  • Reform of the ultimate limitation period for civil liability of accountants, engineers and other professionals and business persons
  • Traffic fine revenues to bolster crime fighting
  • Spirit Trail concept and development from Deep Cove to Horseshoe Bay
  • Advocating for Britannia Mining Museum
  • Assisting Seaspan in Ottawa to promote BC for major Canadian shipbuilding
  • Develop new Kiwanis low-income seniors housing
  • Advocacy for Living Rivers Trust and enhancement of salmon and steelhead habitat on the Capilano River and other North Shore streams

Ralph’s record in Victoria:

Ralph has filled – briefly– the following Cabinet portfolios:  Seniors, Advanced Education and Technology, and Multiculturalism.  As Minister of State for Seniors he introduced legislation creating the position of “Seniors Advocate.”  As Minister of Advanced Education, he approved the creation of new agricultural research facilities at the University of the Fraser Valley.  As Minister of Technology, he supported Mitacs developing the next generation of innovators.  Earlier, as a Private Member of the Legislature, he successfully sponsored legislation creating Quest University, now top-ranked among small Canadian private universities.

On an ongoing basis, Ralph’s interests at the Legislature have ranged from enhancing the professionalism of engineering to organizing a summit on the future of the steelhead.  However, three areas warrant special mention: finance, mining and health care.

Finance:  Under AG Wally Oppal he conducted a special examination of weaknesses in securities regulation in B.C. and the virtues of having a single National Regulator. Under direction of Finance Minister Carol Taylor he chaired a public consultation on rewriting of the Insurance Act. He helped revive IFC (International Financial Institutions) activity in B.C. (now called “Advantage BC”); and he advocated strongly for measures which would diminish outright business subsidies and strengthen the provincial balance sheets and preserve B.C.’s enviable credit rating.

Mining:  he chaired the Mining Task Force; he researched and wrote over a dozen case histories depicting the complexity and frustrations of mine permitting in B.C.; he advocated for such projects as the Highway 37 power line extension and the permitting of the Prosperity and Morrison mines; he arranged for the minor redefinition of a protected area boundary to permit exploration of a constituent’s small mining claim; and he encouraged mining research at UBC.

Health Care:  he advocated for the new $45 million mental health and addictions centre at Lions Gate Hospital; he assisted Dr. Julio Montaner at the HIV-AIDS Center of Excellence at Providence Health Center; he was instrumental in obtaining government financing for Dr. Max Cynader’s Brain Health Centre at UBC; he chaired the Legislative Health Committee’s consultation and report on Childhood Obesity; and he continues to advocate for proven photo-sterilization techniques for fighting staph bacterial infections in the operating room.

Special Studies

  • Restoring the British Columbia Mining Industry (November 2003) | PDF
  • BC Securities and Law Regulation (September 2006) |  PDF
  • Childhood Poverty in West Vancouver: Fact or Fiction Examining the correlates of low-income families with children in British Columbia, and the suggestion that West Vancouver has one of the highest childhood poverty rates in Canada… and perhaps in most of the industrialized world. (November 15, 2010) RALPH’S REPORT – PDF | DATA SOURCE FILE – PDF
  • West Vancouver-Capilano Looks at Our Health System (September 2007) |  PDF
  • A Strategy for Combating Childhood Obesity and Physical Inactivity in British Columbia Report (November 29, 2006) PDF | HTML